I keep pushing it off, but at the end of the day, reality hits me. 


Thai food with @ayeeitsmaricar! (Taken with instagram)

satisfied craving.

It’s not a matter of letting things fall into place. You need to work hard for what you want. You can’t sit back and just let life decide what’s best for you. You control your life. You decide what’s best for yourself. It’s you who decides how you want your life to go, not fate.

Seeing you happy, makes me happy.

Hypocrites tick me off so easily. To say one thing, but then you end up doing the opposite, it gets annoying. People change. Perspectives change. I understand. But at least have the decency to own up to your actions and admit it, instead of acting like nothing even happened.

As simple as that.

Don’t look back. Look forward.
The bigger picture
Through the hardships and challenges, that’s my motivation. 
You never really know

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. From the outside looking within, you’ll never truly understand the true concept. There’s so much more to it than you think, don’t forget that. 

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